Moment of Kindness: Workin’ Hard

Most of us spend 5 days per week, or 260 days per year, at work. We help people find things, buy things, learn new ideas, learn how to use the things they buy, give them advice, inspire them, and care for them. Some of us went to school for the work that we do, while others learned by seeing and doing. There are those of us that earn a large salary, and there are those of us that earn a small hourly wage. Whatever it is that we have chosen for our profession, we can all agree that we work really hard.

I’m sure throughout your career you’ve helped dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people. There have probably been quite  few instances in which you went above and beyond to get someone what they need. On the opposite end, I’m sure there have been a couple of times that someone has left your workplace a little less than satisfied… maybe even a bit grumpy. But hey, that happens to everyone! We can’t all be perfect all the time.

Then your boss gets that phone call. Yep, someone on the other end of the line is complaining about something you did. I’m not saying you didn’t deserve it, but what about all the other people you helped last week. What about the lady that said, “Oh you wonderful girl! I can’t thank you enough?” It seems like those people never call. It seems like your work record is saying, “Yep, you’re just plugging along. And occasionally, maybe even rarely, you don’t do as well as you normally would.” Wouldn’t it be great if you were recognized for all the good you do on a daily basis?

Well you can make that a reality for someone else. Don’t think about whether it will ever happen to you or not, just put the good vibes out there and see what happens. Many people deserve recognition for trying hard every day. You’ll help someone have a great day, and who knows, maybe a better life.

This weeks Moment of Kindness: Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, thanking him or her for having such a great employee. While they’re helping you, try to get their name and remember what time of day it is. When you write your letter, try to be as specific as possible. Sure it takes a little extra effort, but you’ll feel amazing when you know the postman is carrying a little package of happiness from you.

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