Not Your Typical Community Informer

Welcome to The Tacoma Community Connector!

Like the title says, “We’re not your typical community informer.” We don’t want to bog you down with negative news stories, political endorsements, and reports on events that happened weeks ago. Whether our stories are about something you can do for the community, an art gallery event, or a new neighborhood restaurant; we want to create fresh, inspiring stories that get you off the couch and out into the city . It’s time for us to show our pride in our community and create the place in which we want to live.

There’s so much you can do… so come on. Let’s create, learn, play, laugh, and LIVE in the always adventurous city of Tacoma!

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2 Responses to Not Your Typical Community Informer

  1. teigom says:

    How exciting – just wish I lived near Tacoma! Best of luck with this great idea.

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